Rest is a form of Productivity: The RESET Challenge #1

How taking breaks can bolster performance and workplace success
Rest is Productivity

Feeling in a rut? Do you want to do something different and more meaningful in 2022? Join The RESET Challenge with Coach Dionne Nicholls.

The RESET is a year-long journey that will provide you with the tools to take action and give you clarity when it comes to pursuing your goals and dreams. If you immerse yourself in this challenge, you’ll be able to overcome what is getting in the way and lead a more fulfilling life.

Hear Your Voice of Inspiration

You may feel frustrated with your life and that you should be doing something drastic to make changes. When you have young children, a hectic job, and many other daily activities, you may need some solitude and silence to regain your clarity.

Enough rest will not only help you function better, but it will also improve your decision-making. Silence, and doing nothing, can help you recognize your purpose in life and find amazing new opportunities.

It’s important to take time to be still. That is what will allow you to tap into the voice of inspiration.

Actionable Steps

One effective way for encouraging inspiration to come faster is Two-Way Journaling.

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Grab a pen and journal and find a quiet place to relax in solitude. Use prayer, meditation and breathing exercises to slow down your racing thoughts.
  2. Once you’ve reached a peaceful and calm state, ask yourself powerful open-ended questions.
  3. Be patient as you wait for direction and inspiration.
  4. Write down everything that comes to you, until you get it all out of your head and onto the paper. This is a therapeutic and inspiring exercise. Taking notes digitally is an option but research shows that there is a 42% higher likelihood of your goals coming to fruition if you write them down.

Examples of questions that can give you clarity on your calling include:

  1. What is important to me?
  2. Where does my heart lie?
  3. What am I resisting?
  4. What am I required to do?
  5. What is the meaning of the moment in which I find myself?
  6. How do I prepare for the next step in my journey?

If you want inspiration and a new purpose, you have to understand yourself, and what you want in life.

Rest and Regain Your Purpose

As a mom, there always seems to be something else that needs doing just as you want to take a break. Especially if you’re working at home, and looking after kids at the same time.

Silence is great for healing, and you should consider blocking out time in your calendar for these important moments. There are ways you can find time for rest and stillness:

  • Stop for at least 10 minutes during your workday, and take at least five deep breaths.
  • Go for a 30-minute walk in nature during your lunch break or after dinner, to de-stress and regain clarity.
  • If you have smaller kids, make regular rest time part of their routine. When they’re asleep or watching DVDs, don’t rush around to get work done, but focus on getting your own quiet time.
  • Try to arrange your daily schedule to create more opportunities for rest. Meditate on a bench while your children play outside in the garden. It’s also a great idea to use a Meditation App like Calm and Breathe when you wake up in the morning.
  • Ask a family member/friend to look after your children for one day a week. Take this time to rest and gain clarity on the next important steps in your life. Don’t feel guilty about doing this. Your brain needs a break from the daily overwhelm if you hope to make progress in your life.
  • Decide on a certain time to stop working at the end of the day and enjoy the silence after your kids go to bed. Take mindful showers. It has been shown that being near water can be inspiring and might even boost your creativity.
  • Ask your husband to take the kids out, so that you have some time for stillness and healing.


Final Words

We have taught ourselves to think that we can’t rest, and we find excuses not to do so. We become busy 100% of the time, and we always find something else that needs doing. The truth is that rest is a form of productivity. If you make time for rest and healing silence, you’ll be more inspired and better able to pursue your goals and dreams.

Look out for your next RESET tip in March! We’d like you to share your journey with us, and we look forward to receiving your feedback. You can email us on our contact page or share your feedback on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, and tag us.

Dionne Nicholls is a professional coach trained through Accomplishment Coaching. After a successful 20-year career in the fashion industry as a single mom at the age of 40, Dionne transitioned to become a leadership coach. As the Founder of Live Your Best Life For You, she focuses on supporting her clients to  make significant shifts in their lives and leadership styles,  while taking a firm yet empathetic stand for their goals and  dreams. Inspired by her own personal journey of reinvention,  Dionne dedicates her life to supporting working mothers who are challenged with balancing their commitment to a thriving, meaningful career and personal life. She is the creator of the signature program The RESET: How to Pivot from Powerless to Purpose and is a Brand Ambassador for The Five-Minute Journal, the gratitude journal that changed her life.

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