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Your workforce needs skills for the future.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. What we’re seeing is the blurring of boundaries between the physical, digital, and biological worlds; the fusion of advances in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, genetic engineering, quantum computing, and other technologies. It’s the collective force behind many products and services that are fast becoming indispensable to modern life. 

And what that means is that the market is changing. Supply chains are changing. Demand is changing. The customers themselves are changing. The way we do business must change too.

To help your workforce get upskilled, reskilled, and ready, JDM Corporate Services offers programs in 10 core competencies identified as critical skills for the future of work:

Solution mapping, factor analysis, risk mitigation, data interpretation, conclusion presentation.

Observation, analysis, inference, communication, problem solving, thought leadership, and due diligence.

Balance of power, protecting interests, walking away, blocking attacks, tactical opportunities, diffusion and de-escalation.

Conflict resolution, performance management, leadership strategies, change management.

Supply chain management, vendor management, project management, logistical coordination, time management, resource management.

Building stronger relationships, empathy, overcoming challenging situations, managing stress, diffusing conflict.

The decision-making process, risk management, data evaluation, decision review process, building decisiveness.

The innovation process, creative mapping, nontraditional techniques to solve problems and build customer value, creating innovative culture and capabilities.

The sales process, customer success, solution-selling, building value without concessions, sales team building, sales leadership, sales performance management, sales tactics and techniques.

Cultural diversity, multicultural team management, bias, discrimination, microaggressions, cultural sensitivity, windows and mirrors, building inclusive and equitable cultures.


Your workforce needs to have the answers

The old ways of doing business are no longer applicable. Product knowledge isn’t enough to win a project. Following standard processes isn’t enough to lead a high performing team. Utilizing cookie-cutter methods isn’t enough to retain talent. And applying textbook advice isn’t going to help you sustain success in the future.

JDM Corporate Services offers partners a comprehensive 10-module virtual training program designed to get your workforce upskilled, reskilled, and ready for the “new normal”.

Modules are 1 hour in length each, and can be taken as standalones or in combination with other modules. Modules do not have to be taken in sequential order. Companies seeking an extremely effective, targeted, relevant, and high-impact professional development program that doesn’t take months to complete can have their workforce trained in a matter of hours. Modules can also be customized for longer, more in-depth sessions on particular topics. Take 1, take 5, or take all 10–

The future of work is 10 hours away. Success is only 10 hours away.


Give your customers confidence in your capabilities. awards digital badges and certifications for every module completed. These badges recognize achievement, illustrate growth, and incentivize ongoing professional development. Badges are also meant to be shared and celebrated. Individuals can download, email, or share their achievement across hundreds of social platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. For individuals who complete all 10 modules a master certification is awarded.

These badges will indicate to the professional community that the individual has successfully completely core future of work competency trainings, and is ready, willing, and able to effectively support companies as they navigate a dynamic and vastly different post-pandemic business world.


Create experts at every level of your organization.

From interns to associates to managers to directors, everyone from entry-level to senior leadership positions can take advantage of’s modular training. Training sessions are short, engaging, interactive and are delivered in accordance to participant levels and roles.

Companies can opt to integrate modules in their onboarding programs, annual or quarterly conferences, all-hands meetings, or as part of their regular professional development schedules.


Turn key learnings into your competitive advantage.

A properly skilled, trained, and equipped workforce is a productive, high performing, and profitable workforce. Research has shown time and time again that companies who invest in the ongoing professional development of their talent are more innovative, decisive, agile, and as a result, more trusted by their customers.

Companies undertaking the training modules for their employees are able to immediately see the impact – trainings are designed to arm individuals with the tools, tactics, and techniques they can apply as soon as they complete the 60-minute course.

Relevant courses and high-impact learning mean real-world results, right away.


Build flexible programs tailored to your unique needs.

The future of work is here. And as companies begin to map out what business in a post-pandemic landscape looks like for them, continues to support in the development of a workforce ready to take on whatever challenges and demands the markets need. And what works for one company may not for another. We don’t believe in cookie cutter approaches, or one-size-fits-all programs. We believe in solutions that are flexible, adaptable, versatile, and fill core skills gaps in companies. We believe in solutions that will help companies succeed through the Fourth Industrial Revolution and beyond.

 All training modules are customizable to fit unique corporate strategic requirements. Trainings are delivered virtually and can be scheduled in accordance to individual company needs. Modules are accessed virtually with a live mentor, and completed fully in 10 hours.

Ease equals adherence. We know if its easy and simple for employees to access skills, they are more likely to attend professional development programs. This means companies get a better Return on Investment and also an extremely talented and trained talent base.

The pace of business means we need to get employees upskilled, reskilled, and ready fast. And we’re doing just that for Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, and nonprofits around the world. Get in touch to learn what we can do for you.

Get your workforce upskilled, reskilled, and ready.

The future of work is here. Contact us today to build your success plan.

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