Lindsay Zoeller joins Ep 23 to talk about how companies can build corporate cultures that truly support working mothers.

Author Aliya Ali-Afzal joins Ep 22 to talk about her debut novel and the inspiration she drew from her own life as a working mom.

Michele Pekar joins Ep 21 to about the fundamentals of modern negotiation and how women can negotiate successfully in the workplace.

Doreen Steenland Neuroscience Coach shares how how achieving deep work equals achievement in the workplace and in your personal lives on Episode 20.

Amy Shoenthal of M Booth joins Ep 19 to talk changing dynamics in the media world.

Erin Hoffman joins Ep 18 to help us increase our financial literacy and secure ultimate financial freedom and independence.

Jennifer Folsom, Author of “Ringmaster” joins Episode 17 to talk about the toxic myth of “having it all” and what we should strive for instead.

Dr. Megan Amerson Brown joins Ep 16 to talk about setting boundaries, protecting your rights, and maintaining dignity at work.

Kwame Christian joins Ep 15 to share how men can support women at work, and how to have courageous conversations.

Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, ED at MomsRising joins Episode 14 to talk advocacy and activism.

Nichelle Maynard-Elliott, Board of Directors, XEROX, shares what its like for women on boards and how to get there.

Dignity in Education and the Fight for Teacher’s Lives

Silicon Valley founder Cynthia Schames joins Ep 11 to talk about fighting procrastination and doubt to get things done.

Kathleen O’Relly of PANCAN talks about the fight to end pancreatic cancer and the upcoming PurpleStride walk on Episode 10.

Life As a Working Mother Behind the Silver Screen

Sgt. Kelly Ducak joins Episode 8 to about life as a mother on the police force

They walk among us, live among us, shop among us. And now a real life hero gets on a podcast with us on Episode 7.

A Republican Judge from Texas and a Liberal Media Exec from New York walk into a bar... err, get on a podcast. Hilarity ensues in Episode 6.

Public Health Expert Dr. Jessica Steier Joins Episode 5 to Talk About Her Work on the Frontlines Battling A Different Sort of Pandemic: Fake News

Episode 4 Examines A Working Mom's Perspective on Everything from Paris Fashion Week to the PTA Bake Sale

In Episode 3, life coach and author Beth Fitzgerald reminds us that “mother does not mean martyr”.

Rapper 50 Cents' Interior Designer Joins Episode 2 to Talk About Imposter Syndrome and How to Embrace Your Inner Creative

Psychologist Lila Pereira Shares Her Experiences and Insights on the Psyche of Working Moms in Episode 1 of Moms At Work.

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