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Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America makes the featured employers showcase for their generous policies and programs supporting women and mothers. #1-ranked insurance brand globally and among the top 40 best global brands, Allianz takes care of the women and mothers in its workforce. The Minnesota-based insurance powerhouse is part of Allianz SE, which serves 85 million customers worldwide. Beyond their maternal, paternal, and familial leave initiatives, the company has extensive professional development programs for women like the Allianz Networking Engagement Opportunities (NEO), their Women’s Leadership Exchange, and a robust WorkFlex program, which will continue hybrid/remote learning work patterns after the pandemic.


The company is currently actively seeking applications from the talent base in the following roles:




Allianz Programs for Working Mothers and Women: 
  1. Maternity leave and paid bonding leave policy.
    Birth mothers receive six weeks of paid-time-off in addition to the disability benefit they receive. Employees who are spouses or partners of birth mothers also receive six weeks of paid time to spend with their new babies. We provide this benefit because we believe all parents should have the chance to bond with their newborns, regardless of the role they play. When we looked at our policy, we felt it was important for birth mothers, spouses, and partners to receive the same amount of time off to bond with their new babies.
  1. Miscarriage.
    In January 2020, we updated our funeral and bereavement policy to support those who experience miscarriage (for themselves or a spouse). Employees receive five days paid time off after a pregnancy loss, whether they are the mother or the father. (Note: this same policy was also expanded to cover the loss of a pet with one day paid time off). Allowing our employees time to grieve is simply the right thing to do.
  1. Adoption and surrogacy policy.
    In June 2020, we expanded our adoption benefits to include reimbursement for eligible surrogacy costs because we are committed to supporting those who are creating families. Employees can receive up to $5,000 for each adoption or surrogacy event.
  1. Infertility policy.
    As part of our 2021 policy updates, we expanded our infertility policy to have a “no diagnosis” requirement to be eligible for this benefit. This change helps open up the program to all families.
  1. Onsite child care center.
    Allianz Bright Beginnings is our onsite early childhood care and education program managed by Bright Horizons. Having onsite child care has many benefits – it allows new mothers to nurse their baby during the day, and lets parents periodically check in on their children and participate in fun activities. Even better, children are strolled throughout campus, bringing a smile to any employee who sees them and a reminder of why we work here. Most importantly, our employees are eligible for tuition assistance based on their financial need. 
  1. True Care onsite health center.
    One of our largest investments in convenience and care for our employees this year was building a new onsite health center, True Care. The center opened on December 7, 2020, and provides all employees and their dependents onsite and virtual access to preventive and acute care services. By using True Care, our employees will save money and have personalized, convenient access to care. All employees and their dependents are eligible, regardless of whether they’re enrolled in an Allianz medical plan. 


Allianz NEO (Networking Engagement Opportunities). NEO is a companywide, all-inclusive group that advocates for the full potential of women through thought leadership, development opportunities, relationship building, and sharing experiences. This group is open to all employees and helps bring awareness of women’s issues through engagement and education. It also focuses on enhancing the unique diversity women bring to the workplace and helps build career satisfaction through personal and professional development opportunities.


Women’s Leadership Exchange. The Women’s Leadership Exchange focuses on four objectives:

  • Increase the engagement, retention, and advancement of women leaders at Allianz Life
  • Improve the capability to effectively navigate and positively impact organizational culture
  • Strengthen leadership skills, confidence, collaboration and grow the community of women leaders at Allianz Life
  • Provide a research-based, replicable process with a curriculum focused on professional women’s unique learning and development needs.


WorkFlex program. The Allianz WorkFlex program encourages employees to develop flexible week-to-week schedules and working arrangements. This is what we offered prior to the pandemic:

  • Part-time – working 20-39 hours per week on a regular schedule
  • Job sharing – dividing responsibilities of one job between two part-time employees
  • Compressed workweek – working 40 hours in one week on a regular schedule but in fewer working days
  • Flextime – varying arrival and departure times while working 40 hours per week with fewer than five working days
  • Flex place casual – occasionally working from other locations, typically at home
  • Flex place regularly scheduled – regularly working from home or another location
  • Remote work – working off-site (often at home) on a full-time basis


Post-pandemic, Allianz plans to shift in our work model to become a remote-friendly employer, anticipating that up to 70% of job roles will function as a hybrid role, with only some time spent onsite at the Allianz Life campus.

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