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A Republican Judge from Texas and a Liberal Media Exec from New York walk into a bar... err, get on a podcast. Hilarity ensues in Episode 6.

Judge Ann-Marie Carruth of the 72nd District Court in Lubbock County, Texas joins Zabeen Mirza to talk about life as a young, female, Republican judge in Texas (the first female to sit Episodeon the bench in her district in 50 years!), her experiences as a woman on the campaign trail dealing with mudslinging and vicious attacks, the importance of female representation in law and especially in judgeships, and of course, shouldering the monumental work she does while helping two young children through remote school at home. 
Not to mention she knows Judge Roy. Who? Remember the Judge in this brilliant contribution to our lives? Ann-Marie gives us the behind-the-scenes dish on the international cat-filter phenomenon we didn’t know we needed. 

Oh, and Texas Tech or UT Austin? The debate rages on…
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Judge Ann-Marie Carruth

72nd District Court Lubbock County, TX

Meet the Guest

Before taking the bench in 2015, Judge Ann-Marie Carruth enjoyed a private general law practice. She holds both her undergraduate and law degree from Texas Tech University, where she was named best-oralist in mock trial competitions and received the American Jurisprudence award in International Environmental Law. Judge Carruth has served as judge for Precinct 4 and Court-at-Law #3 in Lubbock County and was recently appointed by Governor Abbott as the judge of the 72nd District Court. While in office Judge Carruth has developed community outreach programs such as Full Court Press, Carruth’s Court Camp, and created several other opportunities for the court and community to intersect. Judge Carruth has served as an adjunct professor for Texas Tech University, Wayland Baptist University, and Texas Tech University School of Law. She also serves as faculty for the Texas Justice Court Training Center and is frequently invited to speak to various legal, professional, and community organizations. Ann-Marie and her husband, Kyle, have two boys, Thatcher and Baines.

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