AS SEEN ON TV w/ Jessica Murphy

Life As a Working Mother Behind the Silver Screen

Jessica Murphy, the Brand Genius behind Paw Patrol, SpongeBob, and Popsockets joins Zabeen Mirza on Episode 9 of Moms At Work to talk about how companies can practice what they preach when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusivity, and how supporting working mothers goes beyond finding them a comfortable closet to pump in during work hours. 

From her career at Nickelodeon, to ViacomCBS, to heading up brands at Popsocket, Jessica talks candidly about life in television media, sexual harassment, and honest conversations about issues at work and how managers can navigate those difficult conversations to ensure every voice is heard and respected.

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Jessica Murphy

VP Global Marketing, PopSockets

Meet the Guest

Jessica is currently VP of Global Marketing at PopSockets, LLC, leading content, media, public relations and corporate social responsibility. Prior to this, she was VP of retail marketing at ViacomCBS, where she held several positions across content and consumer products marketing for brands including MTV, SpongeBob SquarePants and Paramount theatrical releases. Jessica’s love for entertainment and lifestyle brands was solidified during her tenure at MAG Experiential, where she helped shepherd the start-up to gain a roster of top-tier clients in both verticals. A TikTok addict with a passion for nutrition and wellness, she lives in Connecticut with her husband, son and daughter.

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