Asking for Help

In Episode 3, life coach and author Beth Fitzgerald reminds us that “mother does not mean martyr”.

What if you had a life coach following you around for a year? Your own personal squad of cheerleaders raising their pom poms for you around every corner, cheering you on in every thing you do?


Beth Fitzgerald, author of The Wake Up Call – Daily Eye-Opening Motivation to Live Your Best Life, has you covered. Beth takes us through some of the keys to a healthier mentality and more gracious perspective, and demystifies why it is as women and mothers we struggle to ask for help, even from those closest to us. Reflecting on her early career in finance, to the long leave of absence she took from the workplace to raise kids, and her re-entry through entrepreneurship, Beth shares her struggles, insights, inspiration, and guidance to mothers everywhere who could all use just a little help.


Have a listen as Beth reminds us that we don’t have to suffer. Mothers are NOT martyrs, and the mark of successful parenting isn’t how miserable you are. You’re not going to want to miss our very own “Wake-Up Call” on Episode 3 of Moms At Work.


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Beth Fitzgerald

Author, The Wake-Up Call

Meet the Guest

Beth is a graduate of Rutgers University with a double major in Economics and English. She started her career on Wall Street working for a small boutique hedge fund, then at Prudential in the Portfolio Management Department for the General Account, and finally at The OppenheimerFunds in The World Trade Center where she managed the internal sales force. She left Wall Street to raise her 4 children. Seven years ago she reentered the workforce, opening her own executive coaching practice and serving both individual, as well as corporate, clients. Most recently, she published her first book — The Wake Up Call – Daily Eye-Opening Motivation to Live Your Best Life. In addition to being a published author, she is a certified life coach, certified John Maxwell Coach, Master EFT Practitioner, Positive EFT Practitioner, member of the Forbes Coaching Council, speaker, and trainer.

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