Breastfeeding in Blue

Sgt. Kelly Ducak joins Episode 8 to about life as a mother on the police force

Sgt. Kelly Ducak has been serving in law enforcement for the last 16 years. During that time, she’s had three children while on active duty, began her doctoral degree, and served as class parent and school resource officer to two middle schools. In Episode 8, she sits down with CEO Zabeen Mirza to talk about everything from breastfeeding in uniform, being pregnant on the force, and what it’s like to be a police officer in a time when anti-police sentiment is at historic highs.  Tune in for candid conversations on what needs to change going forward and what the future of law enforcement could look like in a country that has never been more divided. 

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Sgt. Kelly Ducak

Police Sergeant, Northern Illinois

Meet the Guest

Kelly Ducak has been serving in Law Enforcement for the past 16 years in Northern Illinois. She first aspired to become a detective because of her love for reading all things mystery as a child. Kelly moved a lot growing up for her father’s career in the Navy, and private sector, which taught Kelly how to adapt quickly to any situation. After graduating High School in Red Wing, Minnesota, Kelly attended St. Cloud State University, where she obtained her Criminal Justice degree. Hoping to satisfy her love for traveling, Kelly started her Master’s Degree by attending the Inter-University in Dubrovnik, Croatia, where she studied victimology for the summer. After becoming the victim of a sexual assault, while studying in Dubrovnik, Kelly returned home and entered the law enforcement field. Today, Kelly is a Sergeant with her police department, a mother of three children, and currently pursuing her Doctoral degree in Emergency Management.

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