Building Inclusive Cultures in Media

Amy Shoenthal of M Booth joins Ep 19 to talk changing dynamics in the media world.

Amy Shoenthal, VP & Group Manager, Digital at M Booth joins Zabeen Mirza to discuss the struggles of working women and mothers in the PR, media, and ad worlds, and talks about the steps companies can take to create cultures that are inclusive, accepting, and truly equitable for all. Amy shares her own experiences as a working mom, and insights into why even though some industries are so predominantly female, those same industries lack female representation at the highest ranks of their leadership. Listen more to Amy talk about the path forward, a plan for change, and how the industry is changing and needs to continue to change in order to survive and thrive in the new world.

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Amy Shoenthal

VP Growth, M Booth

Meet the Guest

Amy Shoenthal is the VP of Growth/ Group Manager, Digital at M Booth, a mother, writer, and Forbes contributor focusing on women founders with extraordinary missions.

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