Guilt, Grief, & Glass Ceilings

Psychologist Lila Pereira Shares Her Experiences and Insights on the Psyche of Working Moms in Episode 1 of Moms At Work.

Dr. Lila Pereira, licensed Pediatric Psychologist and board member of the Families in Psychology Project, joins the Moms At Work podcast on its first ever episode. Lila sits down with host Zabeen Mirza to examine the psychology of the working mom and the mental barriers we put up that impede our personal and professional success.

From guilt, grief, and glass ceilings – and what to do about those “unhelpful voices” we all hear, Lila puts on her “therapist voice” to answer the questions we didn’t even know to ask. 

How do I deal with mom guilt? How do I deal with a child that doesn’t understand I might not make all the school events? How do I balance a marriage, a relationship, friends, and family with a career that is immensely demanding?

Tune in to Episode 1 to hear straight from the expert the answers to these questions and more.  Dr. Lila Pereira takes us through the tips, tools, resources, and skills we need to properly advocate for ourselves not only at work and in our careers, but also at home with our children and families.

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Dr. Lila Pereira

Pediatric psychologist

Meet the Guest

Dr. Lila Pereira is a licensed Pediatric Psychologist and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry. She works and sees patients with a history of cancer or blood disorders in the suburbs of New York City at a large Academic Medical Center. Her research explores the importance of different forms of peer support in families facing pediatric and young adult cancer. She is also a board member of Families in Psychology Project, a research and advocacy group supporting psychologists in their quest to become parents while progressing through the academic pipeline. She has conducted research examining the barriers trainees and early career psychologists face when starting a family of their own.

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