Making Space & Saving Face

Nichelle Maynard-Elliott, Board of Directors, XEROX, shares what its like for women on boards and how to get there.

Nichelle Maynard-Elliott, Board Director at Xerox joins the Podcast to talk about what it means to be a board director, the job description, how to get on a board, and why diversity on boards is now as critical as ever. Nichelle shares her experience, her insights, and her hopes for the future of boards and gives women everywhere guidance on pursuing their own board positions. Tune in to Episode 13 to hear more.

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Nichelle Maynard-Elliott

Board of Directors, XEROX

Meet the Guest

Nichelle Maynard-Elliott is an accomplished dealmaker and advisor to boards and senior management with over 25 years of extensive financial and legal experience in mergers and acquisitions, business development and strategic alliances. Nichelle has recently been appointed to the Board of Directors for Xerox, and since 2018, has served as an independent director of Element Solutions Inc. (NYSE: ESI), a $2.8 billion global specialty chemicals company. She is the former Executive Director, M&A, for Praxair, Inc. (wholly owned subsidiary of Linde plc), a leading industrial gases/engineering company.  Prior to serving as Executive Director, M&A, Nichelle served as Senior Counsel and then Assistant General Counsel in Praxair’s law department.  Prior to joining Praxair in 2003, she practiced corporate law, specializing in M&A and private equity at large corporate law firms. Nichelle received a Juris Doctor from Columbia University School of Law and a BA in Economics from Brown University. She and her husband live in Mount Kisco, NY with a daughter who attends Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua, NY and a son who is pursuing his BFA at NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

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