Would I Lie To You?

Author Aliya Ali-Afzal joins Ep 22 to talk about her debut novel and the inspiration she drew from her own life as a working mom.

Aliya Ali-Afzal, British writer, talks about her debut novel “Would I Lie To You?” and the inspiration she drew from her own life as a working mother to pen the critically acclaimed story. Aliya’s novel debuts in the UK this year and is available for purchase and preorder below:

U.K. preorder link for July 8, 2021 


USA preorder link for February 2022


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Twitter: @AAAiswriting

Instagram: @aliyaaliafzalauthor

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Aliya Ali Afzal

Author, “Would I Lie To You?”

Meet the Guest

Aliya Ali-Afzal is a British writer whose debut novel “Would I Lie to You?” has been released in July 2021 in the UK, with pre-order available in the US for 2022. A former career coach and working mother, Aliya’s novel has been critically acclaimed and she hopes to inspire women everywhere to claim their self-confidence.

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