You Can’t Have It All, Yet.

Jennifer Folsom, Author of “Ringmaster” joins Episode 17 to talk about the toxic myth of “having it all” and what we should strive for instead.

Jennifer Folsom, Author of “Ringmaster”, and VP of Growth at ICF Next joins this week’s episode to talk about the toxicity of reaching for an unattainable ideal. Let’s face it, life is a circus. But what does it mean to be The Ringmaster of the circus that is the life of a working mother? How do we advance in our careers, excel as a parent, and live a balanced, happy, healthy life? You can’t have it all, at least not yet. But we talk about what you can have in the meantime, and how you can work towards “the ideal”. 

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Jennifer Folsom

Author, “Ringmaster”

Meet the Guest

Jennifer Folsom is Vice President, Growth at ICF, author of the RINGMASTER: Work, Life, and Keeping it All Together, and frequent contributor to NBC’s Know Your Value platform. Jenn is mother to three boys and talks candidly about the struggles of women and mothers in the workplace.

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