You’re Not Faking It

Rapper 50 Cents' Interior Designer Joins Episode 2 to Talk About Imposter Syndrome and How to Embrace Your Inner Creative

Episode 2

You’re Not Faking It: Rapper 50 Cents’ Interior Designer Talks About Imposter Syndrome and How to Embrace Your Inner Creative

She’s an interior designer to celebrities like 50 Cents, Rachel Ray, Hollywood A-Listers, past US Presidents, and works on shows like Million Dollar Listings and Dr. Brad Schaefer on TLC’s “My Feet Are Killing Me”. Cristy Farrelly, Owner, CEO and Lead Creative of Interior Styling Inc in New York City is basically a celebrity herself. But she confesses to insecurities, imposter syndrome, and feelings of failure when it comes to work, her kids, her family, and her life. Cristy talks about balancing being a mother, a stepmother, and a wife with being an entrepreneur, dealing with crazy clients, and somehow still finding time to invent things (yes, invent!) everyday!

Join us for a half hour of laughs, honest confessions, and a look inside one of the most brilliant creative minds, and one of the best people we know.

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Cristy Farrelly

CEO, ISI Design

Meet the Guest

Cristy Farrelly is the Owner and Lead Creative at NYC-based design firm Interior Styling Inc. Her client portfolio includes celebrities, high profile individuals, TV personalities, past presidents, and public figures. She lives with her family in the northern suburbs of New York City, and loves inventing, innovating and experimenting with new product and design ideas.

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